Best Backpackers Transport

Long Distance Bus Travel


The Baz Bus is your most secure, most affordable and most dependable choice and it is one where you will come across various other backpackers (These are the only real backpacker bus).

Bus travel around South Africa is categorized since many major cities and towns are served by one of the providers below. Bus travel is a wonderful means to travel up to Africa, in case you have time in your favor.

Long distance buses are Intercape, Translux, Greyhound as well as the Baz Bus (the only backpacker bus).

Car Hire South Africa


If you possess money and are here in Africa for a while, we advise purchasing a car.

This way you are able to zip around up to the most hidden areas of Southern Africa and have a true taste of what local lives exactly about.

Hostel notice boards are usually great for collecting used cars for sale.You may also try the local classified ads or free ads newspaper.

Air Flights


Local flights are less costly when they are booked no less than one week ahead of time.

Sadly there aren’t any last minute stand-by special deals within this country! They usually cost you more.

Long Distance Trains


The Blue Train (a really expensive luxurious pleasure) is one thing to consider whenever you make the first million.

Additionally, there is Rovos rail as well as the Shongalonga Express. Each of which cost you a fair however well worth the spend if train travel is really your thing.