5 Best Backpacking Cities In South Africa

Perhaps you have thought of backpacking through South Africa, however, thought it will set you back a lot of cash? Well, reconsider that thought. It is a backpacker’s destination. Yes, a few trips and things on the way can cost you a little more compared to some other countries, however, the value for money in this country is incredible!

There are plenty of unique cities all through South Africa, each supplying a deep glance to the country’s culture. Whenever backpacking around South Africa, you have to make plans to stay in Durban City, Cape Town, Pretoria, Zimbabwe and Port Elizabeth. Such spots provide all the things a backpacking explorer wishes to experience. There are numerous activities, trips, restaurants and experiences backpackers can engage in.

Durban City


Durban City is among the best spots for backpackers to go to, primarily due to the numerous activities offered to travelers. While there, you could swing around the biggest swing available with Big Rush, or discover Umhlanga Rocks. Those seeking to find out about the history of the place will see historic art exhibits in the Durban Art Gallery, featuring over 3500 pieces of art from South African artists. Durban City is a well-known spot for surfers, and those backpackers who want to surf would like to go to the beach. There, they’ll experience several of the most impressive waves and breaks, however, these waves are tame enough even for the most beginner of surfers to still have the ability to enjoy.

Those going to backpack their way to Durban will discover they’ve got a lot of accommodations to select from. A few of these accommodations include little beach bungalows made simply for backpackers.

Pretoria City Centre


Pretoria City Centre provides a safe home for backpackers to go to. Pretoria hosts numerous embassies and international delegates, meaning security throughout the city are extremely high. Also called The Jacaranda City (due to the thousands of Jacaranda trees grown all over the city) is likewise the place to find a lot of historical public structures, galleries, and museums, monuments, and activities.

Everything to discover and do provide backpackers a peek to the culture in Pretoria. Must-see attractions range from the The National Museum of Natural History, National Museum of Culture History, the Union Building, Church Square as well as shopping at the numerous flea and art markets, like the Wonderboom Market. Alternative activities available all over Pretoria include ice skating, drive-in movies, go-karting as well as gambling in the casino.

Sea Point

Aerial View Sea Point

Sea Point provides backpackers a spot to let their hair down and has a few partying in whilst they’re making their way throughout South Africa. The town hosts charming pubs, cool clubs and a few of the coolest bars. To help keep the nightlife, there are numerous late-night restaurants that provide fine cuisine choices 24 hours a day. With the lively nightlife as well as the hot weather, Sea Point provides a spot for sun worshippers to have their sunbathing in daytime and a spot to set free during the night.

Famous spots to dine whilst in Sea Point include Jewel of India, La Mouette, El Burro, Myog, La Boheme and The Butcher Shop and Grill. Based in the Cape Town area, tourists to Sea Point make their plans to stay in one of the numerous accommodations in Cape Town. Famous accommodations include 33 South Boutique Backpackers, Carnival Court Backpackers, Ashanti Lodge Green Point, Once in Cape Town and Green Elephant.



Absolutely no trip to South Africa is complete without having a visit to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. Situated near the falls, the town provides a lot of outdoor activities for backpackers. It is the ideal South African spot for those searching for excitement, adventures, and plenty of local cultures while backpacking with limited funds. Thrilling things you can do in Victoria Falls include traversing across the Zambezi River aboard a tram bridge tour coming from the Victoria Falls Station, having a dinner cruise trip or discovering the 108-year-old Victorian Falls Hotel.

Famous areas to get a bite to eat in Victoria Falls range from the Boma, Shearwater Café, Bridge Café Restaurant as well as the Lookout Café. Backpackers will love staying in one of the special hostels made only for backpackers. Favorite accommodations in Victoria Falls include Jolly Backpackers and Livingstone Backpackers.

Port Elizabeth


Port Elizabeth is really a must-visit spot since it is not just one of the very most lovely areas, but it’s also one of the most inexpensive spots to stop while backpacking throughout the country. There’s a lot to discover and do when going to Port Elizabeth which will make you feel like a king without paying for it. Must-see destinations in Port Elizabeth include the Snake Park, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Museum of Art, Bayworld as well as the Market Square. All those planning to experience a few African Wildlife would like to go to Addo Elephant Park, Schotia Lion Park, and Shamwari.

There are numerous unique spots to eat when in Port Elizabeth. A number of these restaurants provide local cuisine choices and global tastes. Famous spots to eat in Port Elizabeth include Vovo Telo, Eastern Cuisine and Fushin Sushi, Elephant Walk and Flava. Best spots for backpackers to stay in when in Port Elizabeth include Orange Elephant Backpackers, Kings Beach Backpackers as well as Pearson Park Resort.