5 Best Backpackers Activities

South Africa is the place you could throw yourself on the highest bungee jump on earth, where you could hit the white waters of the river systems using inflatable boats, the place you climb the peaks of the great Drakensberg mountains, where you could microlight over the hillsides of Mpumalanga, and where you could plunge -inside a cage, fortunately – in the center of Great White Shark territory.

Additionally, there are another number of outdoor activities which includes horseback trail riding, cattle mustering, trekking for a few days thru mind-blowing landscapes, silently angling for the noble fish in the Highlands, or checking the uncommon black rhinoceros for many hours within the safe hands of the trained guide.

South Africa was developed for the great outdoors spirit, and they enjoy this in a hundred various ways.

Game Parks


Africa is really a wild continent and Southern Africa has battled very hard to conserve their wildlife. Numerous game parks spice up the region which ranges from the impossibly exclusive to the completely inexpensive. A visit to the Kruger National Park is really worthwhile – though it is by no means the sole game park worth going to. This symbol informs you that you are inside game park visiting the range.



Feel the magic of unpowered flight journey with paragliding. Only using wind and thermals, paragliding is a wonderful way to try out the feeling to be totally free…

South Africa provides several of the best climate conditions and spectacular scenery for paragliding.

Shark Cage Diving


Shark Cage Diving in South Africa guarantees an incredible and memorable time! Be ready for a close-up and personal encounter with these monsters of the deep blue sea – and discover exactly how fearless you might be.

Surfing South Africa


South Africa is an excellent surf spot. With 2 various oceans – the freezing Atlantic ocean and the warm Indian – encompassing the country, you can find large designated surf locations with a wide range of waves. Thus no matter whether you’re a novice or maybe you’ve existed since Captain James Cook, you’ll discover something to fit you.

Canyoning / Kloofing South Africa


South Africa’s landscape causes it to be perfect for Kloofing or Canyoning, with tall mountains cut by steep gorges, as well as clean clear water. It could usually include rushing or abseiling down little cliffs and waterfalls that are considered to be a little bit of an extreme activity. However, with a seasoned guide, kloofing could be a fantastic means for budget travelers to try out a few of South Africa’s most magnificent landscapes.

Canyoning/Kloofing normally happens within relatively dangerous regions like river gorges, mountains and the like and could be risky and it is best done along with a knowledgeable guide for security reasons.