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What is it that you want in a backpackers accommodation? I'll tell you what I want when I go backpacking and I'll tell you why I started Hard Rock Backpackers back in 2010. Besides the obvious things like safety, cleanliness, etc (not that we lack any of that, but more on that later), the thing that I most want from accommodation is an unforgettable, memorable experience. It should be fun, awesome, and gnarly! I want great rooms, lively hosts and I want to feel welcomed, I want to be part of the experience. The problem was that I couldn't find a place like that. So I made my own. So what is it that I enjoy most, what vibe would I love? I love music! I love surfing! So I decided to open up a backpackers in Jeffreys Bay, the tube surfing capital of the world! Hard Rock Backpackers is walking distance from some of the best surf you'll find anywhere on the globe. Now we need a kick ass music atmosphere to go along with that! Hard Rock Backpackers was born.

From the moment you walk into the front doors, you'll know what I'm talking about! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a rock star? At Hard Rock Backpackers, in the humble surfing village of Jeffreys Bay, you'll be greeted and treated like the VIP rock star you've always wanted to be. Once you get your backstage pass, you'll be in the presence of eternal legends like Jimmy Hendrix, Tom Morello, Jonathan Davis. Need I say more?

The location of our unique accommodation is in Jeffreys Bay, or J Bay to the locals. Surfing utopia, South African paradise and backpackers dream. Jeffreys Bay offers pristine blue flag beaches and plenty of really cool activities other than surfing. There is just such an indescribable vibe here and we are proud to offer the best hostel accommodation in Jeffreys Bay, if not in South Africa. And if a surfing holiday is what you're after, then you have definitely come to the right place and you're definitely at the right backpackers, you are walking distance to the world renowned "Super Tubes", home of the Billabong Pro international surfing tournament as well as “Magnatubes” and “Boneyards”, also some of the best surfing spots in the world. Hard Rock covers it all and surfing is a way of life in here Jeffreys Bay. At the right time of year you'll also be greeted by dolphins and the odd whale, you have to be here to experience the magnitude of this awesomeness!

Hard Rock Backpackers prides itself in being one of the cleanest hostels in South Africa, it sounds cliché, but it's true, our reviews speak for themselves, no one wants to wake up to untidiness and dirt. Llike I said, our guests are rock stars and treated as such, just have a look at our facilities. Besides, we wouldn't want to disappoint the great legends that Hard Rock is built upon. Seriously though, are rooms are well kept, kitchen and bathrooms are always clean and you can ask for your laundry to be done.

The quality of our hostel accommodation is arguably the highest in South Africa and we are stoked at gaining our 4 star grading, read the reviews at hostelworld.com and tripadvisor.com to hear what others had to say about their stay. Our accommodation comprises of 4 types of rooms, each unique to your needs. We have a private room with a double bed, closet, TV, fridge and en-suite bathroom and we also have a private 4 bed room with similar features. Then we have a 2 bed private room with a closet and a fridge and a 6 bed dorm style room sharing a bathroom.

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To let your hair loose after a hectic day of surfing, or sight-seeing or whatever you've been up to, head over across our huge garden to our trendy bar where you'll once again be greeted by more rock gods, Hard Rock style! We have a pool table and all the makings for some great parties. We also encourage our visitors to write on our walls so that they can leave their legacy behind for new rock star guests to gaze upon. Often times we have local bands and celebs grace us with their presence and we welcome them here with open arms and if we're lucky enough, we can entice them to play us a tune or 6. It's all happening here man!

Welcome to my world! Welcome to YOUR world!

Welcome to Hard Rock Backpackers!

Dick Swart

Your Rocking Surf Servant

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