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Welcome to Hard Rock Backpackers

What is it that you want in a backpackers accommodation? I'll tell you what I want when I go backpacking and I'll tell you why I started Hard Rock Backpackers back in 2010. Besides the obvious things like safety, cleanliness, etc (not that we lack any of that, but more on that later), the thing that I most want from accommodation is an unforgettable, memorable experience. It should be fun, awesome, and gnarly! I want great rooms, lively hosts and I want to feel welcomed, I want to be part of the experience. The problem was that I couldn't find a place like that. So I made my own. So what is it that I enjoy most, what vibe would I love? I love music! I love surfing! So I decided to open up a backpackers in Jeffreys Bay, the tube surfing capital of the world! Hard Rock Backpackers is walking distance from some of the best surf you'll find anywhere on the globe. Now we need a kick ass music atmosphere to go along with that! Hard Rock Backpackers was born.

Hard Rock Backpackers

In terms of accommodation, you are unlikely to find any other hostel that offers budget accommodation with high quality as well as Hard Rock Backpackers does. Though we offer cheap accommodation, our facility is up market, safe and comfortable so you do not need to worry about having to sacrifice any of these characteristics just for affordability. For the incredibly low rates, you get to benefit from things such as very friendly staff members, a beautiful rock 'n roll themed ambience and an aura that is hard to find in any other similar facility.

There are numerous activities that you can indulge in J-Bay. The most obvious of these is the Main Beach, which is a very good place to visit if you are looking for a place that has a nice, comfortable feel to it. The beach is of such high quality that it has been awarded the Blue Flag award, which just goes to show that it is one place that you are unlikely to regret visiting.

Latest Review

Awesome Hostel.

Date: Friday, 2014, September 19 - 19:30

I will never forget this amazing place, I had really great time , l felt like home with Dick & Tamara and their beautiful kids Nico and Max. I'm a surfer, so this place was perfect for me, really close to the mind-blowing waves of J-bay where I had some of the best waves of my whole life. I hope to come back, I already miss this place! Giorgio Giorgio Milano (Spain, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria)

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Matric holiday - Jbay Rage 2014 in Jeffreys Bay

Matrics this year are flocking to join the Hard Rock Backpackers crew down here in Jeffreys Bay for an endless summer of non-stop partying with top DJ’s and SA best bands surging out kiff tunes. JBay Rage Festival 2014 is what you've been waiting to do for 12 years! Kick your school clothes to kingdom come, light a cigar, crack open a beer, shake off the exam blues and indulge in 2 weeks of constant festivities. South Africa’s equivalent of Spring Break!

ASP World Tour: J-Bay Open in Jeffreys Bay, South Africa

Surfing is considered as one of the most exciting and challenging water sports. It is being enjoyed by many people from all corners of the world, either by professional surfers or just plain observers. Surfers enjoy the great experience of riding in big waves while having intense adrenalin rush. They travel hundreds to thousands miles just to reach the world's best surfing destinations. Aside from the feeling the fun of the sport, travelling also allows them to experience new cultures and meet new people.

Baz Bus Route Hop Off

Longing for an epic road trip with your mates? An endless summer of kick ass music and surfing? A wild adventure that you'll never forget? Hard Rock Backpackers has all that and more lined up for you! We are now a hop off point on the famous Baz Bus route, the  awesome door-to-door (more like backpacker-to-backpacker) bus service that operates all along the South African coast from Cape Town to Johannesburg and back.