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Jeffrey's Bay (J-Bay)

Jeffrey's Bay, also known to the local surfers as J-Bay (pronounced jay bay) is now a major tourists town, located in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. The town is situated just off the N2 Highway, about an hour's drive southwest of Port Elizabeth. Jeffrey's Bay (Jbay) has earned the status of having some of the world's best waves. In the recent years it has seen a massive development in the economy of the town due to increase in tourism.

But this was not so many years ago. It was a peaceful and small town that was occupied by the San tribe and later interbred with Khoin people. The people here have created some great rock art work, which speaks of their lifestyle and inhabitants.

The first foreign explorer to set foot on this magnificent soil was Vasco de Gama, the famous Portuguese sailor and set about exploiting this beautiful land. In the later years the Dutch explorers drove the inhabitants away from the coast and captured the place. The British then followed the same and started about setting their own colonies. Today the original inhabitants can be found in small numbers in the deserts and the sands of the Skeleton coast.

There are various explanations about how the name Jeffrey's Bay got stuck with this town. It has been rumored that a Captain Jeffrey while passing along the place, stumbled across this area as his ship wrecked nearby and that is why the name Jeffery's Bay. But there are some other stories that say it has been named after a trader called Jeffery.

Amidst all the growth that can be seen today, Jeffrey's Bay still remains a peaceful getaway for relaxing and is a perfect haven for the surfers and nature lovers. The place has a distinct edge and is preferred by most of the holiday makers as it is a beautiful oasis with the right mixture of adventure, peace and sports. The place has many things to offer and one can also spend a lifetime here in this peaceful surfing town.

Jeffery's Bay has a unique feel and has a magnetic power to attract all types of tourists like the surfers who want to experience the waves, the backpackers who love to take a swim in the ocean and enjoy the beautiful beaches and weather. J-Bay has something to offer all types of people.

Backpackers will be happy to stay here as they will find a lot of options all over the beach and also the town that can help them with their needs.