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Jeffrey's bay is best known for its wonderful surfing culture, though there are many other activities that you can take part in if you are not particularly interested in surfing. However, if you are and do not have any experience in surfing, you should not have any apprehension about how to go about it. Though the region is well known for offering a lot for professional surfers, learners can also benefit a lot when they visit the region.

This is because there are a number of areas which have gentle waves which you can use to learn how to surf safely. You can also buy all the gear you need from the surrounding shops. All you have to do is let us know if you are interested in any surfing lessons, and we can organize for instructors to help you out. The fact that you can easily get the equipment from around means that all you really to do is show up; the rest we can easily take care of. Considering that Jeffrey's bay is one of the top five surfing sites in the world, learning how to surf here can only give you a very good foundation on which to develop your skills further.